Open your heart to access your truth and let the light shine from within.
-Psychic Medium Leslie Werling

Leslie is a gifted and compassionate Psychic Medium and Reiki Master providing healing consultations virtually from  Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to psychic medium readings, she hosts virtual workshops, Guided Angel Meditation Group, crystal energy healing and more! Please take time to explore the website, viewing the weekly guidance posted below and get to know Psychic Medium Leslie Werling.

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Pick 3: Guidance for the week of December 5th

In order to select your card for the week, please center your energy, take a deep breath and then choose between cards one through three to receive the message you need to hear. Enjoy your message for the week and have a happy Halloween!

The deck used this week is Archangel Animal oracle cards by Diana Cooper.

Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Crystals for the Chakras (2).jpg
Recommended Crystals for the Chakras

This is a short video of crystal recommendations that Medium Leslie Werling has put together to support the seven chakras. Crystals are useful in enhancing your meditation practice, energy healing practice (Reiki and Pranic healing, for example), to use for psychic protection, raising vibration and more. Leslie shares the names and details of each crystal as she starts at the Crown Chakra and makes her way through the system to the Root Chakra.