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"Open your heart to access your truth and let the light shine from within."

Leslie is a gifted and compassionate Psychic Medium providing healing consultations virtually from Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been offering private readings and Reiki healing for over 10 years to clients located around the world, and offers psychic development workshops and live events both virtually and in-person in Austin, Texas.
In late February, Leslie was interviewed by the online publisher and psychic review service, MysticMag. You can read her full interview by clicking on the link to visit their website. Enjoy!
MysticMag interview Leslie Werling
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Weekly Guidance

February 26th: Knight of Pentacles


With the Knight of Pentacles presenting this week, you are being reminded of the importance of the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve your greatest goals in life and the value of all that has been built. It highlights your ability to stick to the task, the importance of celebrating and recognizing your accomplishments of all forms, and the thoughtful planning and preparation that goes into your hard work. Often times this Knight presents to remind you that you're going to low hit points, which may come in the form of boredom, discontent or other perceived ruts along the way, and when you do, not to give up or lose sight of your dreams. Instead, celebrate the abundance you've created in all forms, from relationships to finances, and be creative in spicing up your life to get through this time. And, of course, remember just how valuable you are and that no matter what obstacles come your way, you'll always manage to come out on top.

Lastly, if the Knight is someone around you, this is a great ally to have by your side. Loyal, honest, dedicated and kind, you can appeal to her by offering similar qualities in friendship and in whatever tasks are at hand. Show her that you value what she has to offer, that you can match her energy, and you may just get a most valuable companion in your ranks!                                         

This card is pulled from the Wonderland in Tarot deck by Barbara Moore.

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