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Lightwork is a term used to describe spiritual-based healing practices that aim to promote a balanced, positive lifestyle to create well being on a grander scale. One who performs light work is often passionate about healing arts and is spiritually connected through intuitive and empathic skills, as well as the various clair-senses that they may be equipped with.
There are many ways in which Leslie connects with her guides in order to provide healing through angelic and spirit readings, meditations, workshops and crystal energy healing.
If you are unsure which option may be the best for your needs at this time, please feel free to contact
us and we can assist you in deciding what will be the best option for you!
All services are held remotely with exception to select in-person events announced on-line in Raleigh, NC & Austin, TX.

**Beginning in May, all reading and energy healing services will include the applicable 7.25% sales tax charge.** 


Psychic Medium Readings

Leslie works with the angels and your loved ones that have crossed over to bring messages to you in the hopes of providing clarification to questions/concerns, direction along your life path, messages of love, healing and peace. The readings can be done over the phone or video conferencing. Please visit the Guidance page for tips to help you prepare for your reading or book online here. If you are unsure of how much time to book, Leslie encourages less time for a session, as you can always book a second reading at a later date.

15 minutes: $50

30 minutes: $100
45 minutes: $150
*60 minut
es: $200

Please note the booking & cancellation policies listed at the bottom of this page prior to scheduling. Charges are as listed above plus sales tax.

*Leslie asks that you only book an one hour reading if you have a significant amount of material to cover. One hour appointments that are booked, but do not have enough enough material to take up the full hour will not be refunded the difference. Please keep in mind that most clients do not need an hour consultation and we encourage clients to start at 30 minutes and book more time at a later date after you've had time to process the information shared.

Crystal Energy Healing Session


The client will receive a combination of any of the following treatments as needed in addition to traditional Usui Reiki transmission: aura scan with balancing and clearing, cord cutting, past life revelation, psychic medium input, and guidance for continued self-healing. This treatment often results in feeling energetically balanced, at peace and relaxed, and may result in decreased physical pain. If a client experiences an intense emotional release, fatigue often results as well. CEH has proven to be beneficial when clients are working through suppressed emotions, dealing with loss, processing grief and releasing attachments. It is often used as a supplement to other healthcare treatments, called integrative medicine, like that you would find at Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, Cleveland Clinic, etc.

It is not typical to have time left in the 30 minute session for additional consultation. If you would like to reserve additional time, please consider scheduling the CEH plus 15 min. or 30 consultation when you book.

All charges are as follows plus sales tax.

Crystal Energy Tune-up: $100
This session lasts approximately 25 minutes and consists of crystal energy healing, clearing, and balancing without the additional psychic medium guidance received in the full session.

CEH + 15 min. consult: $150

CEH + 30 min. consult: $200

Emailed Tarot Reading By Suzanne

Suzanne is an intuitive tarot reader. She has been reading the cards since she was young and has been doing it professionally since 2019. "I find that consulting the tarot is a beautiful way to experience divine guidance. I am a visual person and using that skill along with my clairsentience and claircognizance, I find that I am often able to share messages from guides and the universe."

Current Tarot Spreads offered: 

6-Card Love Spread for inquiries about romantic relationships

6-Card Career Spread for inquires related to career

7-Card Choose Between 2 Paths Spread for perspective on two choices you need clairity on


Results are emailed within 48-72 hours of order.

Tarot by Suzanne: $55

***Available to purchase 4/18 - 4/22*** Tarot by Leslie: $75

A spread of 3-4 cards will be emailed to the recipient between 4/22 & 4/23. Please make your purchase and then use the contact form to submit your question(s) or topic(s).

New workshops being created to offer virtually and in-person during the calendar year (for now in-person events will continue on in Austin, Texas). The January Manifestation workshop will be offered on-demand soon and the psychic development classes will be scheduled soon. You can take the survey posted below to offer feedback on workshop preferences, too. Check back soon or sign up for the newsletter to receive first notice of upcoming events!

Virtual Workshop: Manifesting to Receive Abundance

Saturday, January 13th @ 10am Eastern

This workshop offers an in-depth review of energy and the power of manifestation from a body-mind-spirit approach in order to create abundance and harvest lasting joy in life. Leslie will address the manifestation process from start to finish, go over tools that support or aid in manifesting, including how to identify and remove blocks that keep you from cultivating abundance consistently across all areas of your life. Get in the drivers seat of your life and make the positive change you've been seeking!

***Stay tuned to see this course offered as available to download in the near future***


Guided Angel Meditation Group

The Guided Angel Meditation Group (GAM Group) is open to individuals who are looking for an opportunity to connect with their angels, loved ones who have crossed, and other guides who may step forward. The intention behind this gathering is to strengthen our connection, to increase awareness of our Divine guidance as well as to balance and restore our energy while finding healing in a nurturing atmosphere. When the event is held in person many people share their experiences, so please anticipate an open forum that allows participants to gain full benefit from the meditation.

Everyone in attendance receives energy healing. Everyone receives guidance.

*The December GAM live in Austin has sold out. Please sign up for the email list to get first opportunity to purchase live event and workshop tickets*

Booking Policies & Disclaimer

  • All clients receive a text reminder of their appointment 1 - 2 business days prior to their session. You must respond to the text to confirm your scheduled time. You may request an email confirmation if preferred, however, we still require a response by the 1pm central deadline. Once you respond to this message, your Zoom link will be sent via email by the end of the day. If confirmation of your attendance is not received by 1pm on the day you are contacted your booking will be canceled and your fees will be refunded.

  • Clients who confirm their appointment and later cancel or no-show do not receive a refund. Leslie will make text and call attempts to reach you at your confirmed time and wait no longer than 10 minutes for you to join in on the session. Requests to reschedule after confirmation fall under this category as well, due to the challenges faced in filling reserved appointment times last-minute. 

  • Any channeled information offered in a session is considered guidance and many states require that the types of services offered here be legally deemed as entertainment. Action taken or choices made by the client following their session are the client's responsibility. Information pertaining to, but not limited to, medical advice, financial and therapeutic inquiries should always to be directed to the applicable professional. Employees of Lightwork by Leslie, LLC and/ Psychic Medium Leslie Werling are not responsible for client actions or choices following a session.   

  • All sessions must be paid in full in advance and will be invoiced via square if not prepaid via the checkout page. If you are invoiced, the payment deadline is 4p central the following day. Failure to pay your invoice before this deadline may result in losing your appointment time. 

  • If you have poor internet service in your location, please choose a phone consultation to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Tickets for events and workshops are non-refundable, with exception to events canceled or postponed by Lightwork by Leslie, LLC.

  • Gift certificates never lose their value. However, after one year from the purchase date, there may be additional fees for the service if rates have increased. Please contact us to redeem your gift certificate; provide the certificate number and amount of time you'd like to book.

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